Interactive presentation showcases Grand Central Station’s new Agern restaurant

Cicada created the interactive presentation that promotes Manhattan’s new Agern restaurant, which opened this spring in Grand Central Station. The presentation highlights the unique experience of dining in the modern Scandinavian interior of the formal 85-seat restaurant, whose owner, Claus Meyer, also created the world-famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

Agern Restaurant GCS View 2

No single image could capture the interplay between the different areas of the restaurant, which is why the client hired Cicada to produce the presentation. Lighting played an important part in conveying the different moods between these areas which includes a sleek bar, depicted in cool tones, a warmly lit banquet section, and a chef’s table awash in bright light. The interactive presentation also showcases how the modern design of the restaurant contrasts with the Beaux-Arts interior of the historic station.

So if you’re feeling hungry the next time you’re in New York City, why not pop by 42nd Street and take a look around. If you decide to sample some New Nordic cuisine, check out the design interior of the restaurant to see how realistic our interactive presentations are.

For further reading on the Agern restaurant, see the Agern Restaurant’s Website, as well as articles from the New York Times,  Vogue, or the Wall Street Journal.

Design team :
Ulrik Norderntoft/Christina Meyer Bengtsson/Richard Lewis Architect