Kuwaiti government introduces Al-Mutlaa planned city with Cicada video

The Kuwaiti government’s public housing authority has posted a video of the proposed planned city for 250,000 on its official website. Cicada worked with client MGP to produce the four-minute video, in which date palms and eucalyptus trees line the wide boulevards and pedestrian-friendly streets of the conceptual city.

Al-Mutlaa Sports Centre
Still frame from video showing Al-Mutlaa Sports Centre.

The video involved extensive knowledge of architecture and urban design in all phases of its production. From storyboarding to 3D modeling, editing, compositing, and music composition, Cicada’s registered architects made use of their training to quickly and easily communicate MGP’s vision with a minimum of instruction or explanation.

The resulting video conveys both a sense of place, and a clear understanding of the different components and neighbourhoods of Al-Mutlaa. Click to watch the Al-Mutlaa Video.