405 Colorado Aerial Day

405 Colorado

Rising Above Limits

exciting new commercial tower in the heart of austin

A marketing video for new iconic office building in Austin, uses fluid camera movement in CG, drone and green screen video, combined in a dynamic presentation.

Cicada’s video production showcases the features of a new commercial real-estate property in the heart of Austin. The iconic building features contemporary amenities, and is centrally located among Austin’s vibrant core. Set to an upbeat rock score, the video was developed around the story of the day-in-the-life of a millennial employee enjoying the work, leisure, and social environments of the new tower.

Location:  Austin, Texas, USA
Client: Brandywine Realty Trust
Summary: Promotion of new office tower development for website and marketing.

Marketing video

Marketing video for new commercial tower following a day in the life of young office worker.

405 Colorado Sky Lounge
405 Colorado Sky Lounge
405 Colorado Arrival at Tower
Main character arriving by bicycle to the new tower.
405 Colorado Offices
Office scene in video.
405 Colorado Sky Lounge Bar
Enjoying drinks at the Sky Lounge Bar.

building narrative

Cicada coordinated casting and creative direction for a green screen video shoot to best capture the characters immersed in the future spaces of the new building. By using a motion-controlled camera slider system, movement in the green-screen shoot was tracked then transferred to the digital scenes, giving a more immersive sense of the spaces and an overall dynamic experience to the video.

405 Colorado Green Screen Breakdown Breakdown of green screen, tracking and compositing.

Behind the Scenes

405 Colorado Green Screen ShootOn set at the green screen shoot.

405 Colorado Final CompCombined green screen shoot and CG environment.

View from Above

Our office directed drone camera shoots on site and around Austin, wherein the captured 360 stills and video were tracked and composited to allow the future office tower to blend seamlessly with it’s real surroundings.

405 Colorado Drone Takeoff
Drone taking off for views across the city.
405 Colorado Drone and Tower
Breakdown of drone footage and tower.
405 Colorado area map
405 Colorado area map

Putting it in Context

A playful graphic language was developed to show the features of the office tower, it’s location within Austin, and proximity to the highlights and amenities of the area. By clarifying the visual style and graphic animation, information was made integral to the CG camera movements, and information became easy to understand.

405 Colorado Location
405 Colorado tower location graphic.