VR & Interactive


Seeing is believing

Virtual reality (VR) and related interactive media present incredible opportunities to visualize design, create new experiences and develop new narratives, by putting the viewer inside a space.

This technology has been developing over decades, but only recently has become part of mainstream media production, and is now an integral part of our services. We are able to deliver experiences that are truly immersive, while continuing to cater to our clients needs to communicate their vision and enhance their brand direction.

Mega Parc: Animated entertainment complex VR experience

Click and drag to explore the scene. On mobile use the Vimeo app to experience the scene in VR.

360 Interactive Examples

Clairmont Heights: Immersed in the Community

Custom marketing media production developed for VR, web, and video to showcase a new community development to potential investors and builders.

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Unwrapped VR Scene: Winter Amphitheatre

Custom experience

As with our other media productions, we create custom works of VR to suit each project’s requirements, satisfying our clients communication goals and addressing their audience.

We can integrate customized navigation, information overlays, interactions and visual identity and expand on the experience across multiple platforms, from VR headsets, to mobile touchscreens, and enhance experience online and print through associated brochures and branded cardboard headsets.

Mobile VR app



  • Fundraising
  • Pop-Up Stores
  • Design Meetings
  • Focus Groups

On site

  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Sales-Centre Integration
  • 360 Photography
  • CG Overlays


  • Connect to Donations
  • Visual Identity Integration
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Integration

Multiple VR platforms

Cicada VR Cardboard

Using cardboard VR is one of the easiest ways to access VR content, as well as enhance an overall communications strategy.

Cardboard headsets are compatible with the majority of smartphones, wherein we can develop apps for iOS or Android devices which can be made public to broadcast a VR experience. Further, we provide services to develop branded graphics and brochures accompanying the headsets, which provide further opportunities for public outreach and recognition.

Oculus Rift

High-end dedicated headsets can provide the highest quality experience of VR applications.

These can provide either high-portability with smartphone-based headsets, which are useful for special fundraising events or meetings. Tethered headsets, meaning those connected to a computer running the VR program, offer the best performance and also opportunities for more immersive content such as room-scale VR to freely navigate the virtual space.

iPad VR Menu

Many of the VR experiences created for headsets can be further used in mobile applications, such as on a smartphone or tablet touchscreen, or online in a web-based application.

Opportunities to broadcast interactive presentations in other ways can take advantage of the types of interfaces and interactions one has on 2D screens. Our app and web development can then be developed concurrently with development on headsets to provide multiple media solutions simultaneously.

VR Residential Sales Centre

By combining the capabilities of VR presentations in different forms, these elements can be integrated in physical spaces such as sales centres, information kiosks or showrooms.

Kiosks and showrooms themselves can be fixed or mobile for special events. By utilizing these multiple modes of VR and interactive media, a larger audience can be addressed.


Integrated Media Production

While many elements of the technology and creative practice underlying VR are new, our means of producing these presentations are integrated with our media production pipeline.

We can build from the digital assets we create for our image, video and animation productions to add VR media to an overall package of media content. This brings significant added value to our clients to use our VR and other services together. In combination our media can build from common assets and visual design, reinforcing a common visual identity, and strengthening the messaging behind any project or brand.