Ice District Rogers Arena, Edmonton

Ice District

Animating the Downtown

Ice district

Cicada is playing a central role in coordinating the visualization of Edmonton’s Ice District, an ongoing project, with developers WAM and Katz Group, multiple architecture firms, and marketing agencies.

Cicada was tasked with illustrating the leading edge architectural features of this district, while communicating the key brand identity of the project. Previously known as the Edmonton Arena District, Cicada also produced multiple animations and an interactive demonstration to showcase the design features of the new buildings and public spaces during approvals and design review stages.

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Location: Edmonton, Canada
Client: WAM Development Group, Katz Group, Hariri Pontarini Architects, HOK, Stantec, DIALOG, Shugarman Architecture and Design, Inc., PFS STUDIO, Oilers Entertainment, DDB Canada
Summary: Animation and brand identity for web, print, and showroom for high profile 6 block redevelopment of Edmonton district.

Ice District: an Overview

Ice District is the name of a 25-acre entertainment corridor in Edmonton's downtown that will be developed in several phases, and will include a world-class sports facility, offices, residential, retail, and extensive public spaces. The area will be anchored by a new arena, Roger's Place, which will host The Edmonton Oiler's starting in the 2016-17 NHL season.

Ice District Logo Sting

Dynamic logo encapsulates Ice District identity

Ice District New Year Plaza, Edmonton
Experiential image of the public square

Ice District Siteplan, Edmonton
Image of overall Ice District design in context

Artistry and technical expertise combined in animation

Architectural vision brought to life

Green Screen

To give a engaging sense of the experience and lifestyle of the project, a 4K green screen video shoot was directed and coordinated by Cicada. The live video was then combined with the realistic computer generated scenes  to immerse the professional actors in the Ice District environment.

Ice District Greenscreen
Ice District actors on set
Ice District green screen shoot
Ice District green screen video shoot

Client testimonial

"Cicada is always very attentive and responsive to the customer’s needs. We appreciate the detail review of the renderings in two to three stages prior to final release. In that manner, we are always aware of how the final product will look like before it is completed. It gives us ample chance to review camera angles and content."
--Maurizio Capano, Senior VP, Operations, WAM Development Group

Images that come to life

“Cicada has become our ‘go to’ firm for creating renderings that bring our architectural visions to life. Their process is transparent and collaborative, with practices such as providing milestone images at various stages that allow us to provide feedback and proceed to completion with confidence. Cicada’s team is cooperative, open to feedback, and produce renderings that exceed our expectations.”
–David Pontarini, Hariri Pontarini Architects

Ice District Arena Concert, Edmonton
Concert held in the Rogers Place Arena.