Pan Am Athletes Village 2015, Toronto

Pan Am/Parapan Am 2015

Sporting a new look for the city

2015 Pan am/parapan am games sporting facilities

Cicada produced a compilation of videos so that the majority of the new facilities and living accommodations could be previewed by design panels. All of the P3 competition bids in which Cicada entered visuals for the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Game won.

Cicada created two separate videos to represent the Athletes’ Village. The first depicts the excitement of the new development during the Games. The second shows the long-term use of this modern neighbourhood, and how it will become an integral community in Toronto.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Client: Dundee Kilmer Development Ltd., 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games
Summary: Videos showcased design of new sports facilities for entry in P3 competition.

Pan Am/Parapan Am projects: an overview

The 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am games, held in July, were the first to be hosted by venues in Toronto and seventeen other communities in the Golden Horseshoe. Cicada was invovled in design communication from the initial stages of the project.

A compilation of video productions showcasing the designs of the new facilities

Pan Am 2015 Athletes Village, Toronto

FROM Competition TO Community

The videos Cicada produced were instrumental in helping Dundee Kilmer win the P3 competition for the Athletes’ Village. Material from the videos was later integrated with the ongoing marketing of the area, since renamed the Canary District.

Pan Am Ontario Place Venue 2015, Toronto

world-class design required high-quality visuals

High quality animations and still images were created for the Exhibition Place, the Aquatic Centre, the Velodrome, the Hamilton Stadium, and the York University Stadium. The images showcased the architecture of these new facilities and assisted the teams to win the bids for all the proposed buildings.