St. Michael's Hospital

Inspiring Care

St. Michael’s Hospital Inspire 2018 Campaign

The creative direction provided by Cicada led to an integrated campaign for the new Patient Care Tower and Emergency area of St. Michael’s Hospital. Video depicting the construction process, and vivid stills of the state of the art Diamond Schmitt tower formed part of the winning P3 entry bid by Bondfield Construction.

Client Testimonial
“Not only delightful to work with, the group at Cicada brings unparalleled skills, creative focus and a real synergy to the editing process over and above the animated renderings that they are so well equipped at producing at an exceptionally high level.  And, most importantly, they deliver results and a remarkable final product through their collaboration and attention to detail.”
–Lara Banks, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, St. Michael’s Foundation

Location: Toronto, Canada
Client: St. Michael’s Foundation, St. Michael’s Partnership (Norr Limited, Bondfield Construction), Diamond Schmitt Architects
Summary: Animation, video, graphic design, and images for web and print for fundraising, and for communication of design and construction of new hospital addition.

St. Michael's Campaign Video

Inspire 2018 Capital Campaign fundraising video

St. Michael's Patient Care Tower Filming

Creative Campaign Video directed and
produced by cicada

Cicada direction of multiple campaign videos included on-site photography, videography, and interview shoots, which creatively illustrated the need for the new facility, and the range of critical patient care it would provide.


In coordination with the St. Michael's Foundation Capital Campaign's graphic identity, Cicada developed graphic content for print material as well as custom scarves and handkerchiefs to celebrate the Inspire 2018 donor event.

St. Michael's Patient Care Tower Graphic

Graphic content for print

St Michael's Hospital Hankerchief

Custom scarves and handkerchiefs using developed graphics

Exemplary architecture

Vivid renderings reflect high-quality architecture, and gave primary donors the opportunity to see the impact of their philanthropy.

construction process illustrated

Cicada helped Bondfield Construction, NORR Limited and the St. Michael's Partnership team win the P3 competition for the new hospital design.

“Dalibor and the Cicada Team listened to our ideas and produced a progressive video presentation combining both the technical complexities of the project as well as the detailed design concept into an effective presentation.”
--Frank Panici, VP NORR Limited

St. Michael's Patient Care Tower Construction

Clip from construction animation

Construction Process explained

The detailed animation of the construction process communicated the technical quality of the leading edge design.

Technical animation and vivid rendering reflect high-quality architecture