Telus World of Science

Exploring Space

New telus World of science

Visitors to Edmonton’s Telus World of Science can navigate an interactive presentation to explore the design of the newly built centre.

The interactive panorama has become an essential tool for communication. It gives people the option to experience various spaces in the new Science Centre by allowing them to easily pan to the various rooms they’d like to see. The simple intuitive interface that Cicada innovated makes it easy to understand the architectural spaces of the building before entering.

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Location: Edmonton, Canada
Client: DIALOG, Telus World of Science
Summary: Interactive panorama allows viewer to navigate through new Telus World of Science.

Interactive Panorama Background

Interactive Panorama Diagram

A diagram of the interactive environment

Presentation material is versatile

The static presentation material extracted from the interactive model also describes different aspects of the design and experience.

Telus World of Science, Edmonton
Still exterior view of the interactive application

Telus World of Science, Edmonton

Telus World of Science, Edmonton
Still images work as stand-alone marketing visuals